Do you wish to import or export?  Guidance on the necessary finance is available

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Welcome to Business Finance

In the modern era, businesses are able to grow quickly, which often prevents conventional sources of funding being appropriate.It is essential that the business owner or senior management are advised of the various options available by a brokerage, that is both independent and experienced in all forms of fund raising.With over 30 years experience of arranging all forms of finance, R & E Finance is ideally positioned to help the business owner, no matter where the business is within its life cycle.

Trade Finance

More and more businesses are looking overseas for new clients and suppliers.  Importing/exporting goods can require an alternative form of finance, R & E Finance can help.

Tax payment funding

A growing business leads to profits, which leads to a tax liability. The tax liability often has to be paid just when the business needs the working capital.

R & E Finance has solutions created specifically for the payment of a tax liability.

Working Capital

As a business grows, there is always going to be a need for working capital to fulfil the aspirations of the business owner.  
At R & E Finance, we have a wide range of working capital solutions to help our clients.


If a business has outgrown their rented premises and has spotted the ideal property to buy and retain as an investment, property finance on a long-term mortgage basis is available on an "owner occupied" basis.


If you have been a manager within your employer's business and the opportunity arises for you to buy into the business or buy the business, we can help.  We will guide you on how to structure the finances to become the "owner" and not the "employee".

Plant Machinery

A business often needs new machinery to grow the business or to replace old machinery, transport of goods, build out a project, produce those important goods or for administrative purposes. Whatever the need, R & E Finance can help.

Equity Capital

A company may have the opportunity to grow dramatically in a very short space of time, for example buying out another company.  In such circumstances, conventional funding may be insufficient and it may be necessary to take on board an investor or equity partner to provide the funding to achieve that "big step".  At R & E Finance, we have private investors and institutional investors able to help in such circumstances.

Sale and Leaseback

Often a business owns its own "bricks and mortar", which is a large fixed asset on the balance sheet.  Apart from "housing" the business, the property achieves little else for the trading company.  We hear about "Opco" (trading business) and "Propco" (the property company vehicle).  Frequently the "Opco" business has an opportunity to grow or release working capital.  If the major asset is the "bricks and mortar", it is possible to engage in a sale and leaseback, whereby the property is sold to an investor who then rents back the property to the trading business.  In doing so, vital capital is released.

Growth Capital

An owner of a company and the management team may wish to grow the business and need growth capital.  If the owner and management team do not want to take on board an investor and thereby dilute shareholding within the business, it is possible to arrange growth capital from £50,000 to £20 million.  Such funds can be unsecured and based upon the profitability of the business.

Accountants, Solicitors, Doctors and Dentists

There are bespoke funding packages for these professional sectors available for any purpose e.g. tax payment, working capital, expansion, acquisition etc.