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We work with our clients to find creative financial solutions to complex and sometimes difficult financial situations.

Residential Mortgages

There are hundreds of different residential mortgages available and finding the right one can be laborious. As residential mortgage brokers we can find you the most relevant and cost effective mortgage by comparing those available in the whole market. The Financial Conduct Authority have recently become more stringent concerning the issues of lending and the use of interest only mortgages and re-mortgages. However it is still possible to arrange the following:

  • Purchase or re-mortgage despite adverse credit on a 5x joint income basis up-to 85% loan to value.
  • Case Study

    A client had experienced a costly divorce which resulted in the loss of the marital home. Having a good employed income but limited funds for a deposit to buy a second home we conducted a full investigation, assessing income, expenditure and affordability. Once complete an 85% residential mortgage was arranged with very competitive rates.