Our Services

We work with our clients to find creative financial solutions to complex and sometimes difficult financial situations.

Development Finance

Whether you are a property developer, a first time landlord or simply looking to refurbish part of your property portfolio, we can arrange suitable and competitive finance based on the following.

  • Little experience is required only a quality construction company carrying out the building work is necessary.
  • All fees such as legal and arrangement fees are added on in most instances.
  • Case Study

    When a client’s mother died leaving her estate entrusted to him, he was left to pay an Inheritance Tax liability. The client had no business nor finance experience and was struggling with finding a viable solution. The land was assessed for potential residential development and he was supported in making a planning application which was submitted and accepted by the local authority. An experienced contractor and project manager were recruited for the development and a finance facility was arranged to start construction. This project allowed substantial profits to be released to the client. He now receives ongoing tax advice and support with his property portfolio.